You may think your business is doing poorly because you don’t have the funds you expected to have at this point. While liquid assets make it easier to reinvest in your business, lacking them doesn’t necessarily mean your business is failing. You may have a different type of resource.

Wealth Comes in Many Forms

The digital age has opened up a world of opportunities, so, just because you don’t have the cash to pay for advertising doesn’t mean you’re powerless. For instance, social media influencers can do more for your business than any ad. Recently, Kylie Jenner posted a rant against SnapChat over their recent app update. As a result, Snap’s stock took a 6% dive.

In another example, Black Girls Code launched a service that helps young women become entrepreneurs. The service provides the codes that the young girls would otherwise need to learn in order to program their own apps. Now, they can take their idea from concept to reality with just a few keystrokes.

Where is Your Wealth?

Similarly, everyone has wealth that can’t be measured in dollars, but that can be tapped to help ensure success. If you’re unique talent doesn’t lie in networking, perhaps it’s in brainstorming innovative new ideas or in another skill. Whatever your wealth, it can be tapped to bring you the power you need to succeed. The truck is to figure out how it can be applied to your business, so it can become a useful tool.


Once you learn how to do this, you may be surprised to see how well you can adapt other skills for your business. Even without the cash flow to reinvest in your business, you may be able to develop an entirely new approach. Using your skills in this way can help you improve customer service, product presentation, and marketing.


It’s easy to feel like a failure, when your business isn’t making the money you need to reinvest in a solid marketing plan. If you dwell on this, failure will be assured. On the other hand, taking your best attributes and learning to apply them to your business can have just as positive of an effect on your company’s growth. Good marketing doesn’t always require throwing cash at a problem. Sometimes, it can be as simple as the written word.