Sometimes, we find it difficult to continue in our journey through the business world. One might feel that they are doing a terrible job, or that everything could fall apart at any given moment. One thing to remember and always keep at the front of your mind is your “why.” Why did you choose to start your own business? What drove you to make this decision?

At times, you may find that giving up and pursuing something easier is a prominent thought in the back of your head. There may be problems that you think you cannot solve. In reality, you simply need to remember exactly why you started doing all of this in the first place. That’s the spark that inspired you in the beginning, so it should be more than enough to keep you moving forward.

Ideas are wonderful because they can start off as a small thought, eventually turning into a larger idea where it becomes a fully realized dream. Don’t forget your “why.” That is the path that will guide you to your finalized goal. By carrying your “why” with you daily, you have all the motivation you need. It’s a constant cheerleader to help you press forward, in a sense.

Your “why” is your passion. It’s everything your company stands for. From how you got started to choosing your company name and even setting your values and standards as a company. Building something from passion will give your company a lasting impact. This impact affects not only your customer base and those around you, but it can affect future generations in a potentially small butterfly effect as well.

No matter how tough the road gets or how difficult things start out, remember why you’ve begun this journey in the first place. It’s what makes your company what it is. It’s part of who you are as a person and as a business leader. Use your “why” to your advantage and to keep your business running. Even when mistakes happen and failures occur, looking at the bigger picture and staying motivated is key. It may end up taking on a different identity of its own, but at its core, it’s still your initial “why.”

Always remember where you came from and why you decided to become an entrepreneur. Even if success is not achieved, staying true to one’s self throughout the entire journey is an incredible achievement in itself.