The road to success is not an easy one. Entrepreneurs and business leaders understand this more than most, and every road can vary drastically. However, the skills required and principles that support the foundation of entrepreneurship are often similar. In order to create the best possible path toward success, try applying a few of these atypical skills.

Don’t Set Goals

Set milestones instead. Goals can often become sources of stress for individuals new to the world of entrepreneurship, typically taking many months, or even years to reach. This constant reminder of not being where you want to be can easily lead to a lack of motivation, and a lower level of confidence. Milestones on the other hand, inspire you to keep going by consistently hitting these small wins, which eventually lead to a larger goal.

Recognize Bad Habits

Acting on unhealthy habits both in your career and personal life can have a dramatic effect on your overall happiness. This may seem trivial to some business leaders, but it can pose as a huge obstacle to your overall success. Whether you choose to skip healthier meals and indulge in fast food or you are constantly checking your social media profiles, your mental health may be at risk. Learn a number of healthy habits that you can adopt to replace the unhealthy ones. Being happier in your personal life almost always translates to the success of your business.

Be Easy on Yourself

It’s very simple to discredit yourself as an entrepreneur following a mistake or two. Don’t allow the pessimistic voice in the back of your head to grow in volume. Understand that, as cliche as it may sound, everybody makes mistakes, and those in positions of higher responsibility (such as business leaders) are much more likely to make them. Your business will not completely fail following a few small mistakes.

Explore New Opportunities

These can be outside of the business realm entirely. Taking part in activities that may be outside your comfort zone are great for growing your confidence, emotional and behavioural skills, and communication skills. For example, taking a dance class during the weekend could open your mind to new possibilities, and get some creative juices flowing that inspire new thought. The best way to learn is by exploring things you have not come across before.