Being an entrepreneur has its perks. You are able to choose your own hours, choose where you work, and decide how your business is run. Entrepreneurship is freedom.

With that said, many entrepreneurs work alone. This is ideal for those who don’t enjoy having to negotiate their vision to suit the goals and ideas of others. What should people do, however, when their solo career leaves them feeling lonely? There are a few strategies that entrepreneurs can implement when working solo starts to take its toll.

Speak to entrepreneurs who have dealt with loneliness

Business owners can offer practical advice that surpasses tips on how to advance your business. When work becomes a lonely task, seek out a mentor or a friend who is a thriving entrepreneur. Chances are, they’ve dealt with workplace loneliness and can offer you advice on how to handle it. Ask them what they do to balance their work lives and home lives, inform them of what both work and home requires of you, and form strategies that will allow a healthy balance for both.

Move a little

It’s easy to be unproductive when you’re distracted by loneliness. This is why you must do things to relieve the stress that comes with feeling lonely. Changing your scenery is a great way to do this.

Take a short break and go outside to breathe in nature’s fresh air. Walk to a sandwich or coffee shop, or go to the park for your lunch break instead of eating lunch at your desk. You could even take a few minutes to meditate or stretch. Moving around helps you to remain energized and excited about the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. Excitement takes your mind off of loneliness.


Coworking doesn’t require that you literally go out and hire people to work with you in your business. This simply means that you can rent an office or desk at a coworking space. This allows you new space to work on your business as well as the chance to meet new people.

Many faces rent office space, so this atmosphere is charged with go-getter energy from like-minded individuals. In between working hours, take some time to meet people and network. You may find that the people you meet can impact your professional or personal life. This strategy of combating loneliness allows you to remain in charge of your solo career

Every career has pros and cons, but loneliness is a common factor for many entrepreneurs. Reaching out to others, renting a space with like-minded professionals, or just leaving your desk for a few minutes are all ways that the lonely entrepreneur can recharge his or her batteries, and maintain fire in one’s solo career. Implement these strategies when you start feeling lonely, and you’ll be well on your way to freeing yourself of the distraction of loneliness.