A college education does not necessarily define the success of an individual, though it can, and certainly does serve as a stepping stone in landing a job following graduation. Rising tuition prices often hamper working individuals from going back to school to receive degrees, as does the time it may take to devote to classes. However, there are a number of programs you can enroll in remotely to develop these skills without taking time away from your day job.

Whether you are currently in college or are already an established businessperson simply looking to enhance your skill set, the following classes are extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs.


This may have sounded like a useless, boring class during college, but the importance of balancing your personal budget and having a strong financial foundation is crucial for nearly everybody. You’ll more than likely be dealing with several transactions in the business world, so understanding the processes is vital.

Taking a personal finance or accounting class can effectively teach you how to do your taxes, how to manage the cash flow of a business, or risk return tradeoff. This immediately translates to diagnosing a company’s assets, equity, and liabilities once you’ve entered the business world.

Business Management

It should go without saying that competent management skills are an enormous part of entrepreneurship. One who is in a leadership position must be able to do exactly that: lead. If this is somewhat out of your comfort zone, taking a business management class can do wonders in building these skills.

This can teach you how to deal with different types of personalities, delegate situations, motivate employees and peers, and properly communicate with your team, which leads us to the next class a budding entrepreneur should take:

Public Speaking

This is rarely easy for anyone. Standing up in front of group of people no matter how big can be extremely nerve-racking. A course that teaches you how to overcome this fear and anxiety is exactly what you need if you don’t already possess the public speaking skills of today’s most successful entrepreneurs.

You can learn the importance of time when speaking, i.e. how long or how brief you should be, body language, properly articulating your voice, and speech structure. You’ll want to make an impression on your audience in some way, and the first step in doing that is speaking with confidence.

Yet another essential class for business leaders. Pitching your ideas and marketing yourself to others will be an integral part of your days as an entrepreneur. Classes that specialize in this will teach you how to research and develop goods or products that are highly sought after, as well as how to engage each audience interested in those products.