Becoming a small business owner and flexing your entrepreneurial strengths is something that many people aspire to do, and is often regarded as the true American spirit. Being a small business owner is something to be proud of, and a position that supports the country’s economy by providing goods and services, as well as addition to jobs. It is in no way an easy career path to venture down, but it can be an extremely rewarding journey.

The first step in deciding whether or not small business ownership is right for you is identifying your passions, and understanding if they can be turned into feasible careers. Finding customers, developing your brand, and applying an overall blanket strategy comes next, which can become overwhelming. However, if this is the right entrepreneurial path for you, completing all of those tasks should be done with pleasure and enthusiasm.

A successful small business owner is one who possesses dedication and a forthright passion for his or her given industry. This typically comes with less time spent away from the business, and more time investing in it. Starting a business from the ground up requires a great deal of attention, which is something that should never be squandered. But, again, if this is your calling, it should be approached with unwavering optimism. The worst mistake one can make is doubting themselves or their business before finding any success.

Nearly 50% of the United States’ jobs are held by companies with under 500 employees, going back to the aforementioned fact that small businesses are actually enormous when it comes to economical impact. Additionally, 54% of all sales in the country are generated by small businesses as well. Their role within the American economy is irreplaceable, so those looking to start one themselves should understand just how beneficial their business would be on a national scale.

Take your personal skills into consideration when developing your business model as well. A small business owner must possess an array of positive characteristics in order to find success. In the beginning, every aspect of the company must be covered and monitored by the owner, so being a renaissance man (or woman) helps tremendously. Focus on things like customer service, revenue, product management, and economic trends when first starting out. Hiring employees can alleviate this workload over time.

Like all types of businesses, ownership comes with many challenges and obstacles to overcome. Aside from the difficulties of time management, small business owners must figure out how to effectively grow their clientele, hire staff members, and budget their finances, all while ensuring the goods or services they provide operate smoothly. Though it can be daunting, the payoff can be tremendous.

Small business owners enjoy the leisure of flexibility, as they often work on their own time and control their work/personal lives accordingly. Even more so rewarding is the fact that they have the opportunity to turn their passions into careers. With that said, if you feel you have the drive and willingness to devote your life to the business of your dreams, owning a small business just may be your calling.