Getting ready to start a business is a big step–and choosing the right co-founder is extremely important. Founders need someone who will help them build a high-quality business that will positively impact the public and meet their long-term goals. The ideal co-founder will have a number of important qualities.

Getting to Know Potential Co-Founders

One of the first steps in choosing a co-founder is getting to know them. A founder relationship is one that will last long-term. That means that the two personalities need to be compatible. It’s important not to jump into the co-founder relationship too soon! The best co-founders are those who have had the opportunity to work together in the past. This might include an evaluation of:

  • How both individuals treat deadlines
  • Willingness to put in overtime or extra energy to complete a project
  • Ability to work well together

Shaping a Complimentary Team

The best co-founding teams are those who have complimentary skills. When seeking out a co-founder, most founders will find that it’s important to have a co-founder who has skills that fill in the gaps of their weaknesses. For example, a founder who lacks technology skills, working with a co-founder with strong tech skills is a great way to ensure that they’re able to reach their goals. It’s important, therefore, that founders have an accurate assessment of their own strengths and weaknesses so that they’ll know what skills they really need.

Assessing Values

One of the most important things co-founders must share is values. It’s important that co-founders be on the same page before they start with the business. Are their goals in line? Do they have the same core values? By assessing these key details, it’s possible to more effectively create a strong co-founding relationship that will last long-term. Drive and motivation are also core parts of assessing those values. It’s also important that founders assess which values they’re willing to do without–that is, which attributes they’re willing to not have in their co-founder.

Building a co-founding relationship is a big step, and one it’s important not to embark on lightly. By evaluating these three key characteristics, on the other hand, founders can find a co-founder who will work well with them and help them build a successful business.