As an Entrepreneur, there will always be obstacles that you will need to overcome. One of the more difficult obstacles is stress. It can make or break someone in the business world. Here are some sources of stress to be conscious of when continuing on your business journey.

“It’s Lonely at The Top”

Loneliness can be a big stressor in being an entrepreneur. Owning your own business will make you feel ostracized from your employees outside of work. They may not include you in their friendly gatherings after work. Your family and friends may not be able to relate to the situation that you are in. If you were to have a tough day at work, as a boss of your own company, your close friends may not be able to empathize with you on what you are going through.


Anxiety can come in many different forms when you are the boss. The possibility of having anxiety as a boss of your own company is enormous because of the amount of decisions you have to make that will affect everyone in the company. Stressing about clients for revenue, to stockholders and what kind of printer would be best for the whole office can build up anxiety. You may feel anxious about potential lawsuits or the hiring and firing of employees. Staffing your company can always be a grueling process. Then, there is an overall daily anxiety of if your business will fail or succeed. These thoughts could easily weigh down an entrepreneur who is not mentally prepared to take on the tasks of being their own boss.

Finding Balance

Having your own business means around the clock monitoring to run your company. Entrepreneurs may find it difficult to have a balance between work and personal life. Starting up your own company means putting in extra hours in and out of the office to remain afloat. Taking your work home with you is a common practice among new self start businesses. You may have difficulty making time for your family and friends because of the work load you have taken on being your own boss. Fear of missing out is an accurate description of how you may be feeling when it comes to family and friends.

Not Knowing What Comes Next

The unknown is scary to many people. As an Entrepreneur, the unknown can be overwhelming especially for businesses that are just starting. The next could be the last day your business survives. There could be a dramatic change in the way people are in contact with your business. New technologies could emerge that could completely change the way you do business leading to tough decisions going forward. Maybe a top employee or a business partner decides to pack his things and leave unannounced. All of these possibilities linger in the unknown and it is almost impossible to not be concerned about what comes next for you and your business.